Thursday, December 20, 2018

Welcome to My Brand New Blog

Hello World. And leave it at that.

I'm just kidding. What I really mean is: Hi Internet! I've got a blog now. It's brand new, it's under construction, and it'll have content, shortly. I realize there's one burning question on everyone's mind when viewing an empty blog like this: why bother having one?

It all started with this job opportunity. Not just any job opportunity, a great opportunity. There's a company in town called PrimeRevenue and I applied for a particular role on their team (I'm not disclosing which role here but rest assured, it's incredible). I first stumbled across the job posting on Glassdoor and after reading through it, I knew that this was the job for me. Have you ever read something that spoke to you so strongly it's like the author was thinking of you when they wrote it? That was my reaction to reading through this job posting: I could have sworn they were writing a job description tailored solely to me, my skills, and most importantly, my passion. Needless to say, I applied and was thrilled to learn that they were equally interested and have been continuing through their process since.

One part of their process is sharing several writing samples, blogs included. I ran a very short blog through college sharing my thoughts and feelings on certain class topics (usually first amendment law, film production techniques, and script writing ideas) but haven't consistently managed one since. Everyone I know always tells me, "You should have a blog! You're funny, smart and have so much to say" but I've always been rather stuck because I've never figured out what my blog would be about. I haven't had a theme, nor a niche goal; therefore I haven't had a blog.

But why should lack of theme or a vague niche stop me from writing down my thoughts, ideas, jokes, stories, and adventures? Has a lack of theme truly held me back from blogging or was it really confusion on where to start and searching in all the wrong places for inspiration?

Thank goodness for PrimeRevenue for providing that inspiration to actually start blogging fearlessly as well as providing a wonderful experience through their candidate process, regardless of the final outcome. Obviously I'm hoping for the best result but in a worst case scenario, I've met some incredibly kind and intelligent people and now have a brand new blog!

So in closing: welcome one, welcome all. I hope you enjoy my new blog because I've got plenty to say.